Quality of Work Life among the Employees of Dairy Industries


  • Karthikeyan S
  • John Britto M


labour life, welfare activities, employee desires, Qualitative analysis, work stress.


The aim of the study is that the conception of quality of labor life and also the role it plays in enhancing the productivity and performance in organization. It conjointly aims at understanding a large vary of welfare activities to be undertaken so as to boost quality of labor life. The success of any organization is very addicted to however it attracts and motivates and retains its hands. Organization square measure needed to adopt a method to boost workers the workers the staff quality work life to satisfy structure objectives and employee desires. A self-developed form, measured on a Liker Scale was accustomed collect knowledge from respondents. The Chi-square check of association was utilized in testing the hypothesis of the study. Qualitative analysis style was used victimization structured interviews in addition as administering analysis form to all or any class of staff. The findings highlighted issues on worker rewards, timely recognition and Appreciation, work stress, psychological feature factors, and worker personal development.


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