Importance of Brand Preference With Regards To Shirts


  • Hariprasad RG
  • John Britto M


Consumer, Market study, Business, Consumer satisfaction.


Consumer preference are measured using survey techniques and questionnaires. Gaining huge levels of consumer satisfaction is highly important because satisfied customers are assuming to be trustworthy and to make repeated orders and to use a long range of services provided by a business. With the enlarged market study there is cut-through competition among the businessmen within the industry a number of major companies are Raymond Limited, Arrow, Belmonte, Van Heusen, Peter England. Hence there's a requirement for the study. The necessity or customer satisfaction and preference are necessary for all businesses even large or small. The satisfaction and preference of the consumer is a vital task. We all know consumer satisfaction and preference is importance to the continuity of our business. How can we determine our consumer are satisfied? The simplest thanks to be told whether your consumers are satisfied is to ask them to check the consumer satisfaction and preference with the usage of garments. To review the choice of the owner's clothes regarding after-sales services provided by the dealers and study the response of the corporate and dealers on accusation given by the disappointed consumer.


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